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Irrigation Installation & Repair Services in Fairburn GA

Irrigation Installation & Repair Services in Fairburn GA

Irrigation Installation & Repair Services in Fairburn GAAn automated irrigation system is not only a way to improve efficiency and keep your lawn lush and green, but it is also a way to reduce your carbon footprint. Compared to using a water hose, an irrigation system distributes the proper amount of water your plants and landscape require to reach optimum health without all of the waste.

To ensure your plants remain healthy while saving water, spacing and pressure are key considerations for Irrigation Installation & Repair in Fairburn GA. The sprinkler heads need to be spaced evenly at optimum distances to achieve proper water distribution. Selecting the right sprinkler heads is also essential in ensuring they operate properly with the water pressure you have in your valves and lines.

Naturally, a larger lawn or landscape will require more valves, especially if you have multiple types of plants. The sprinkler head covering your grass should have a different pressure from the one covering your garden or flower beds. We carry a variety of innovative sprinkler products for different types of home irrigation systems.

Professional Irrigation Installation & Repair Fairburn GA

Sprinklers automatically irrigate lawns and landscapes on a predefined schedule, alleviating worries of dry grass and withering flowers. They are designed and built to withstand weather changes and extensive usage but may still sustain wear and tear over time due to many factors. When this happens, you’ll be glad you have us on call for all your Irrigation Installation & Repair in Fairburn GA needs.

If you believe that your irrigation system isn’t functioning like it used to, or you see that your lawn and plants are drooping more and more every day, let us check out your system and tune it for optimum performance.

Repairing Sprinklers Back to Full Functionality

Your sprinklers might have suffered defects from the start, or become damaged from external causes over time. Poorly designed sprinklers, for instance, may result in leaks. Dry spots are another common problem, in which sprinkler valves do not open properly due to winter conditions or faulty power connections to the source.

We perform thorough irrigation system inspections to address these problems. Our technicians determine if issues are causing leaks, and quickly to plug the leaks to prevent wasting water. For dry areas, we check all valve connections to power sources and examine each sprinkler head and nozzle for any blockage that might be obstructing flow.

We provide an assortment of sprinkler system repairs, fixing broken lines, preventing backflow, maintaining valves, and so on. We make sure your irrigation system is 100% efficient to keep your landscape and lawns well-watered and efficient.


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Natalie James

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Amira Wazeer

"I love the consistency and professionalism of Jonathan and the Magana team. After installing new sod in my yard I was very concerned about protecting my investment and they have provided me with excellent care. I love looking out at my manicured yard.
I highly recommend them."

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Tymela Owens

"Magana Landscaping LLC is a trustworthy company that always do excellent work. The are very knowledgeable of what they do and care about their customer's lawn. I am very satisfied with this company."

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Angela Alston

"Magana, is a great landscaping company, I love the quality of their work and I'm glad they service my lawn. I can count on them to do a wonderful job."

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“Magana Landscaping is the best Lawn Service we have ever hired. Professional and responsive. They always do an excellent job.”

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